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Refund Policy

The New England Provisions refund policy is straightforward. We guarantee our lobsters to be in prime, live condition upon delivery for priority overnight service. Frozen products are guaranteed to arrive in good condition using priority or standard delivery. Any defects must be reported to our office on the day of delivery; we suggest that the lobsters are inspected upon arrival. If there is any damage to the outside carton, please notify our office immediately. Also, notify FedEx ((800) 238-5355) or UPS ((800) 742-5877) immediately. No claims are allowed unless made on the day of delivery. Initiate a claim process by notifying our office at (508) 524-2240 or via email.

Our office will request return of items for refunds. Do not dispose of any claimed items or the box until notified by our office if a credit is requested. Disposal of items voids guarantee. Place items in the freezer. Take pictures to help with the credit process.

If a refund is requested, we will have our delivery agents pick up the questionable product. No credits or refunds are allowed without following this claim process. FedEx or UPS will pick up the carton for return on the first viable pickup day. FedEx, UPS, and New England Provisions take no responsibility for weather delays or customer errors in the delivery address.

The guarantee for live delivery does not apply for standard delivery, second-day delivery and extended delivery zones (out of the way remote sites) as designated by UPS and FedEx. No guarantee of delivery is available for declared hazardous weather alerts by UPS or FedEx (snow, hail, thunderstorms, etc., that delay delivery).

Christmas week delayed orders are not covered by any guarantee from FedEx and UPS, so order early. We cannot take liability for missing shipments after delivery for "No Signature Deliveries." These rules are standard throughout the industry.

We have excellent results with both frozen and live lobster delivery. Our guaranteed live lobster arrival policy during periods of very high temperatures is in effect only for priority one shipping arriving before 12 PM. We have not had a problem shipping live lobster with lower priced standard delivery in cooler weather. Frozen lobsters can be safely shipped using 2nd day delivery in cooler weather and will arrive under 32 degrees temperature. Some slight thawing may occur. When in doubt before ordering, call our office for advice.

Please note that live lobsters are very susceptible to temperatures below 40 degrees. This is below their winter hibernation temperature. When exposed to the very cold gel packs at -20 degrees, the lobsters next to the gel packs often go into a hibernation state. They will awake if carefully warmed to 42 degrees. The common temperature set point for home refrigerators is below this hibernation point. The lobsters will also slow down in the refrigerator. When in doubt, remember that as long as the lobster was cold upon arrival you may cook them and see if their tails curl, which means they are good and safe to be eaten. When severe cold in the winter is below freezing, we cannot guarantee that the lobsters will be wide-awake.

It is important to note that second-day delivery is only available for delivery on Wednesday shipping Monday, Thursday shipping Tuesday and Friday shipping Wednesday. It is not available for Monday, Tuesday or Saturday delivery.

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