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Lobster on a Plate

Kids With Plates of Lobster

Live Maine Lobster and More

New England offers outstanding live Maine lobsters. Our chick lobsters come in at 1.14 lbs. at $12.95/lb. This pricing is current as of March 11, 2019, and is the lowest current price per pound online for live hard-shell lobster. Our lobsters have Grade A hard shells and are guaranteed to arrive alive. Call (800) 872-1578 for the best pricing on larger orders of 70 lbs. or more.

Cooked Lobster

Maine Lobster Tails

We offer lobster tails in all sizes at the best prices. No company beats our prices, even if they offer free shipping. All sizes of lobster tails come in net 10 lb. cases, which easily ship with second-day shipping to save on rates.

Tails are individually frozen and either layer packed or sleeved for easy separation. Our customers rate our lobster tails as being of the highest quality. All lobster counts are averages due to varying tail sizes, but you will always receive a 10 lb. package. In the 32 years we've been shipping lobster tails, we've found that the count spread and total net lobster weight as accurate. We always sell by the pound, not the piece.

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Lobster Packs

We offer Maine lobsters in smaller cartons, with a 10 lb. minimum purchase. For lobster orders of any size, please call our office so we can price your order.

Lobster Meat

We offer premium lobster meat, precooked or frozen. Our lobster meat products feature the best prices, no water or chemicals, and careful processing. Options include a claw and knuckle meat combination, as well as claw, knuckle, and leg.

Extra Jumbo King Crab

We offer the largest king crab legs available online, and at the best prices for the quality. Previously only available to fine dining restaurants, we can now ship our crab legs to you thanks to an increased catch in the Bering Sea. Cooked and frozen aboard, our crab legs are simply superb. Leg sections weigh from 1.25 to 2.5 lbs. Contact us today to learn more.


Wild oysters are available in the fall. We also offer crab, clams, steamers, scallops, and other kinds of oysters. Reach out to us today for additional information.