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Important Facts About Maine Lobsters

At New England Provisions, we emphasize buyer awareness. There are some important facts about Maine lobsters that you should know before buying lobsters online. Live lobsters can be overpriced, undersized or of low quality so get your money's worth by knowing all the facts.

Many of our customers ask why lobster prices are higher than normal. The cause of the poor fishing is ocean water temperatures increasing. The lobsters have migrated out of their normal areas and have moved to colder water heading North and East to deeper water. They seem to be heading to Canada; they have been moving for several years now.

Lobsters are about as smart as insects, and they respond to the global temperature changes that control their entire life cycle. They don't have brains, but they seem to believe in global warming, go figure. There are other man-made, avoidable, bad reasons why the lobsters you buy are overpriced. Be sure to read the facts and find out if you are overpaying or receiving lower quality lobster. Low quality or overpriced lobsters amount to the same thing, so don't throw your money away. For more Maine lobster facts, click here.

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